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HOW do we make A POSITIVE IMPACT for everybody TODAY?

Girasols is a community gardening revolution, initiated by the Center for Natural and Traditional Knowledge based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It starts with a garden bed full of Mammoth Sunflowers and vegetables and flourishes into a network of gardens that are capable of feeding millions. Schools, families and institutions can use the technique.

This plan means better health for our communities, since it provides a unique project: a living laboratory to experience the cycles of nature, and the possibility to save environmental waste produced by food transport and cutting down on unhealthy processed foods.



  • Learn: The book with instructions and curriculums developed by teachers
  • Teach: Go Viral! Teach 10 people who teach 10 people
  • Grow: Post online and share your experiences with others in a community environment.


  • Kit: Instruction manual, seed packets, lesson plans, illustrated storybook
  • Garden: 30 Russian Mammoth Sunflower Seeds, lettuce, beans, cucumber and tomato seeds
  • Provide: Sunflowers for sharing, nibbling, learning and teaching, and beauty. Vegetables that will thrive year round for healthy eating.


  • Success: Provide healthy food for your home and family. Cut expenses with homegrown goodness. Save time by stepping out into your own yard for meals. Feel confident that your food is free of toxic chemicals and pesticides
  • Sustainability: Alleviate pollution from shipping of produce. Avoid excess and wasteful packaging. Do your part to help the environment.


  • 5 Years: If 1,000 people started a garden during year one, then helped 10 friends start their own and so on, by year five there would be around 130 million Girasol Gardens.

The Center for Natural and Traditional Knowledge is a group dedicated to sustainable teaching and practice. The CNTK has worked with students at Reginald Chavez Elementary School, who have started their very own Girasol garden. An important part of this project is to teach students around the city who can then take these seeds home to start their own gardens. We are seeking to create a backyard revolution through the Girasols project, as well as the Liberty Gardens project. Liberty Gardens are conveniently sized garden boxes designed to grow between 60-75 lbs of food a year. They can be used in the Girasols project, especially for those without a yard to grow in.


Growing the Future

273 million lbs of food
6.5 million lbs of seed
6.5 million lbs of soil +
10 MILLION BARRELS OF OIL PER WEEK less wasted on plastic and gasoline...

All In Five Years.


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