Our History

CNTK was founded under the umbrella of INTK, a non-profit founded by Flordemayo and Patricio Dominguez. INTK was founded as the result of the deliberations of the chiefs and tribal elders who gathered in fulfillment of the Eagle and Condor Prophecy.

Our philosophy and practice are supported by the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Pete Seeger, Carole Hart and Grandmother Flordemayo gathered in support of our EcoVillage project at the Legendary Clearwater Foundation's Headquarters in Beacon NY.

CNTK was founded on the basis of visions that indicated that humanity will have to shift their entire worldview in order to come into alignment with Nature. We have been blessed with the spiritual guidance and wisdom of many elders, such as Don Patricio Dominguez. Sustainability actually means making decisions based on the needs of the next Seven Generations.

If you were the grandchildren, what would you want us to do for you?

We have created and reproduced community gardens for youth empowerment in Warwick NY in conjunction with the Mayor and Town Supervisor.

The Commissioner of Parks and Recreation in Orange County NY has granted us use of public land, where we made a teaching garden at a local historical site.

In New Mexico we are working with public schools to develop stimulating curriculums in conjunction with local educators.

CNTK also coordinates with local spiritual leaders and Wisdom Keepers in order to preserve and distribute their knowledge.

CNTK has developed various Urban Templates that help people to GROW.

Project Girasols (Sunflower) is CNTK's Youth Education program designed to build knowledge of Nature step-by-step in the schoolyard and in the backyard. Girasols creates a living-learning laboratory where teachers can use our standards-based curriculums. Project Girasols also includes an illustrated book for youth, with instructions for making a garden, as well as a seed packet for the Russian Mammoth Sunflowers.

Liberty Gardens is a fully installed, organic, raised bed garden. It maximizes limited space by using permaculture concepts such as companion planting. Liberty Gardens have natural irrigation, a secure cover for year-round growing, and is wheelchair accessible. Our Blog on Liberty Gardens allows the user to access the knowledge of other Liberty Gardeners, as well as to follow the instructions for seasonal planting options after the initial crop has been harvested.

World Womb 2012 and Beyond is a research based novel by Reverend Courtni Hale which details the journey of a young woman who begins to experience visions of an EcoVillage where many people have come together in a harmonious community which supports itself from the Earth.

World Womb 2012 and Beyond includes those original dream-vision sequences that led Reverend Hale to seek out her spiritual teacher, Don Patricio Dominguez. Rev. Hale continues to interview a dozen world renowned experts, (Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Roger Nelson, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Masaru Emoto, Fred Alan Wolfe, Vanessa Vidal, Ina May Gaskin, Susun Weed) in order to present the scientific evidence that supports the spiritual cosmology that can heal our selves and our planet.

The conclusion of the novel includes directions for growing consciousness, food and community. CNTK was born of the 15 years of research involved in World Womb.