Our Staff


Courtni Hale - Executive Director

Courtni Hale is a graduate of American University's School of International Service in Washington DC and was honored with a National Merit Scholarship, acquiring two bachelor's degrees in International Relations and Latin American Studies in 1997.

Since then she has lived abroad in Spain, Mexico, and Chile, searching for cultural heritages that might lead us in our times of need, as we face global crises – social, economic, and environmental. Rev. Hale was an independent contract consultant in Delaware, working as a simultaneous Spanish interpreter for the Public Defenders, the Police, and Attorney General's Office.

Becoming a mother in 2004 led her to pursue studies of natural healing, shamanism and sustainability.



Don Patricio Dominguez - Spiritual Advisor

Patricio was born in a small traditional community and was cultured by the contact of not only his parents and Grandparents that lived in the community but he was fortunate enough to have a Great grandmother's influence until he was 13. His Great grandmother's specialty was herbs and his grandmother healed by the power of touch now called Reiki, Joray etc.

At the age of five Patricio was presented in a public ceremony to the medicine men to be blessed as a man of spiritual knowledge and now is leader of an urban Kiva Society.

Patricio now lives in Albuquerque is on the advisory committee of the Tinamit Junan Uleu whose mission is to connect people to the natural and spiritual world, and to bridge the wisdom of the Ancient Ones with the world of today, so that the diversity of life can flourish for future generations. He is on the board of directors of Church of the Spiritual Path the purpose of Church of the Spiritual Path is to promote spiritual Unity with the Creator and all living things on our Mother Earth, is a delegate to Elders Council of North America and was a founder and serves on the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Indigenous Elders and Priests of America aka Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge is also spiritual adviser to the Center for Natural and Traditional Knowledge. Patricio's activities haven also been mentioned in books and Movies.


Hailey Baysinger - Intern

Photo and biography coming soon.



Deb Chrysle  - NE Sales Rep

Deb Chrysle is an innovative businesswoman with over 25 years of professional experience in insurance industry, with accomplishments in business development, marketing, public relations, sales and project management. She is especially skilled at planning, executing and communicating new business strategies to diverse audiences. Energetic leader with distinctive people skills.



Kendra Crookos - Intern

Kendra Crooks is a Film and Sustainability student at the University of New Mexico. Her main interests include documentary film production and sustainable development within all realms of community. For the Center for Natural and Traditional Knowledge, she hopes to aid in the marketing and communication to further the forward motion into a more sustainable future.



Eric Mondragon - Film Crew

Eric Mondragon is Mestizo and Tsalagi. Eric brings to CNTK, Earthouse Productions. He is a film and media professional with an educational degree in film from Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Eric was brought up in the Life Ways of the Curanderisma, Tsalagi and Lakota traditions. He studies the Human Design System. Earthouse, is currently seeking inspired youth that want to build a dedicated youth media team. Check out some of his vids on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/earthouseproductions



Lindsay Schenker - Intern

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